Is It Just 3 Simple Steps to Improve Memory?

You can improve memory functions using certain techniques. It doesn’t have to be true, that as you get older, you lose some of your memory capabilities.

In fact, you can boost your brain health and develop a stronger aptitude for memory retention and recollection using (R)est, (A)ctivities, and (N)utrition.

Ever wonder why you can perfectly remember a corny TV jingle from 1995, but can’t recall the name of the man you were just introduced to, 10 minutes ago?

Just as other parts of your body benefit from a nutritious diet, proper rest, and healthy exercise, your brain development can be maintained through these practices as well.

Ever struggled to remember the title of a book that you read in the 8th grade, or said to yourself “It’s on the tip of my tongue”, but the harder you try to recall it, the more distant the answer seems? Poor recollection in your short term or long-term memory can be caused by a variety of factors.

According to recent submission by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, there are 3 Easy Ways to Age Proof Your Brain. In her article published on 10-9-12, she explains how certain exercises, combined with nutritional supplements can prevent memory loss, improve memory,  and actually restore brain power.

3 Tips to Improve Memory with Rest (R)

Does better sleep help you remember better?

Research has discovered that memory retention is directly related to the amount and quality of the sleep you get. Participants in a Michigan State University study who had had at least 6 hours of sleep showed a decrease in false memory responses.

Another study by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) suggests that certain procedural memory skills, such as, sports and music are learned, and retained better after sleeping. But how can you get the sleep you need to make these strides?

1. Controlled Breathing Techniques. Your breathing pattern is different during sleep. Relaxation methods include breathing exercises that can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer for improve memory.

2. Avoid Tension. Skip the news or other high drama programs before bed, this will help you relax, and enter dreamland without additional stress.

3. Enjoy the Sun. Your body needs daylight to naturally regulate the melatonin released in your brain to create natural sleep cycles. Check out WebMD for other sleeping solutions that improve memory.

4 Ways to Improve Memory with Activities

Do brain training techniques really work?

Weight training builds muscle mass and strength, but studies show that aerobic exercise, by increasing the amount of oxygen to the brain, and specific training tools can improve memory and increase your mental capacity (improve memory).

1. Aerobic Exercise. According to Eric B. Larson, MD and executive director of Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, in an article by Beth Howard “as little as 15 minutes of regular exercise, three times per week, helped maintain the brain.”

2. Brain training websites. Sites like Lumosity, Cognifit, and Brain Metrix offer tons of free activities for boosting brain functions and ways to improve memory.

3. Chunking. Practice grouping large lists of numbers or items together in chunks of 3-5, then associating that group with some relation to the others. Like an anagram, such as RAN, or 569846234 can be grouped 569, 846, and 234.

4. Rhyming. Although one of the best techniques for memorization, not everyone’s a Shakespeare. Rhyme your words for free, and improve memory techniques at Rhymer by Write Express.

5 Ways to Improve Memory with Nutrition

Can you really enhance your mental clarity and improve memory just by changing your diet?

Certain nutritional supplements and dietary changes can positively affect the way your brain operates, enhancing memory and concentration abilities. Moreover, while most of these five can be obtained through your diet, sometimes it’s easier to just take a tablet.

1. Add Omega 3 fatty acids. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Omega 3 fatty acids are believed to be instrumental in maintaining brain health and reducing the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Fish, olive oil, and garlic are among foods rich in this vital nutrient.

2. Pregnenolone. This hormone has been shown to increase activity in the area of the brain associated with memory and thought clarity.

3. Ultra H-3. A combination of natural ingredients, this product can improve memory and may even repair old or damaged cell membranes. Remember to seek medical advice before beginning any hormone therapy.

4. Eat Blueberries and Artichokes. During aging, your antioxidant production decreases. Foods rich in antioxidants with a high-level Oxygen Radial Absorbance Capacity offer improved brain functions according to the USDA.

5. Lots of B vitamins.Newsmax health article details how B-vitamin treatments reduced brain atrophy.

You can improve memory in many ways. Diet, exercise, and rest can boost you brain performance and enhance your short term and long term memory, but why not check out the free memory fundamental report and discover the e-course options available to improve memory capacity.

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