Fun and Relaxing Ways to Improve Memory

Improve memory – Children in general have amazing memories, and they store and retrieve information seemingly at will; they may seem to need to improve memory but, that is more about selective hearing than poor memory. As we age our memories seem to lose their edge little by little.

No matter what your current age, occupation or state of memory it is never too late to try and Improve Memory. Here is a bit more information about how your brain works and a few workout tips for the mind that should get the old brain juices flowing and Improve Memory your… erm what was it called again?

Oh yes, your memory!

You and Your Brain

As your memories are part of your brain, improving the health of your brain will in turn improve memory. You will have heard it before but exercising regularly and eating healthy really is the keystone to health, and this includes brain, as well.

Your brain needs high levels of specific vitamins, minerals and oil; such as omega 3 fish oils to work effectively and help you stay on the top of your game.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is just as important, sleeping too much or too little, while it might feel good at the time, will not help you improve memory.

This is easier said than done and if you are the parent of a young child, the partner of someone who works shifts, or a student who has a reputation for pulling all-nighters and then sleeping for three days straight, you will already know this all too well Improve Memory.

Alcohol may be alright in moderation but in terms of your memory too much is not good at all. All those nights, that have ended with you being sick next to your best friend, and had you waking up with a pounding head, are not just bad for your street cred; they are bad for your head, and more specifically for your improve memory.

Steps to Improve Memory

·         Pay attention to what you are doing

Often when you are doing something you have done many times before, you let your mind wander and later realize you have little or no Improve Memory of doing the task. If you really want to remember something you should pay attention to it and it alone, to improve memory.

·         Engage more senses when you want to improve memory

Depending on what type of learner you are just reading information may not be enough. Try reading it aloud, or copying down important sections, to engage other senses and get your body working as a whole. It can do wonders for memory enhancement.

·         Repeating

Often it helps to repeat what you want to remember, this is why you will hear people walking round a food store seemingly talking to themselves; they are repeating the shopping list in the hope of remembering everything on it. This simple technique can work wonders when striving to improve memory and boost your test scores, as well.

·         Link things together

When you are trying to remember something, it helps to make links in the information. The name of the person with their facial features or where you met them is a good way to keep more information together and retain it longer (Improve Memory); probably a good idea never to tell anyone how you remember their name though, they may get a little offended.

·         Mnemonic devices are easy way to improve memory

This is a very useful way to remember not only names but also large pieces of information. As children, you may have been taught mnemonic devices to help you remember your study material. One of the most well known ones is to help children be able to spell because (Big Elephants Can’t Always Use Small Exits). Not only this is an effective technique, it can spice up your learning material ( improve memory).

·         Do something different; play and have fun

Yes, I said play! If it works for children then it’s got to be good, not to mention fun; laughing elevates mood, increase neurogenesis, and releases endorphins. All of the mentioned processes, along with various others, pay crucial role in brain function, thus helping you to improve memory.

If you can’t find anything else to laugh at, encourage a friend to try the tip below but don’t tell them about the bit in the brackets.

Try joining in next time the kids play eye-spy. Guess who games, where you have the names of famous people written on cards and stuck to your heads, and you have to ask questions to find out who is on your card, are popular, as well.

If you don’t fancy playing a game, then try doing something different that will make your brain work that bit harder for  improve memory; how about writing with you non-dominant hand or if that’s too easy type with your toes (put the keyboard on the floor first and don’t try it in public).

If all else fails try the oldest trick in the book and tie a piece of string to your finger; if nothing else it will keep your brain busy trying to remember what it was you were trying to remember in the first place.

You are the Key

In this case, you are also the lock and you need to find what works for you in terms of unlocking and improving memory. If you want to take your brain and your memory onto a new level then why not learn a new skill, enroll in a new course or pass on your knowledge and skills to others in your community.

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