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You’ve probably heard that foods like broccoli and blueberries (with antioxidants) can improve your memory… In truth, there’s a LOT more to it. There are secret tricks and exercises to noticeably improve anyone’s memory.

A digital book by Trevor Ponder, The Elements of Memory, offers 72 riveting pages of proven memory-building tips and advice. With his 15-minutes-a-day memory exercises, the power of a memory that’s sharp-as-a-whip is accessible to virtually everyone.

Now that you’re enticed by The Elements of Memory, why not sell it to others and make a PROFIT? Even if you’re not a born salesman, a truly beneficial program like this will sell itself.

When a product adds value in other people’s lives, such as improving memory function and capacity, not only will customers happily buy it—they will thank you personally afterwards.

Becoming an affiliate requires no up-front financial investment on your part.

About the product and the improve memory market

As our population continues to age, literally everyone is going to need to learn how to improve their memory at some point. It’s just a natural part of living and people dearly want to know how to remember.

Alliteratively, other markets you can go after easily are students such as those in law school, medical school, those enrolled in an MBA and even students studying to get their bachelors and Associates degrees.

The markets really are endless. That’s the beauty of an evergreen product such as this.

Some of the many benefits to increasing memory include:

  • Career skills depend heavily on memory. Customer Relations: remembering names is vital.
  • Recalling names & events boosts a person’s credibility.
  • Memorization is a useful skill: students need it for learning & studying. General population- store information so we can retrieve it later (address, phone numbers, dates).
  • Avoid embarrassment of forgetting the right word, or what you were going to say.
  • Save time that is lost when you forget where you placed things (car keys, lists, receipts).
  • A little bit of marketing strategy and you’re on your way. We will even help you with your marketing when you sign up as an affiliate by providing you a tool kit: complete with banner ads, PPC ads examples, auto-responder messages, articles and more.

Once you sign up, you will receive access to my 10-day marketing video series (FREE- this would retail at $400). This will give you proven tactics for getting tons of customers and help you develop a compelling website that will generate profit for you.

We offer an amazing 75% commission rate for every product you sell. Just think of how many people would love to improve their memory. This really is a no-brainer.

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New to the whole “affiliate marketing” world, or are you a seasoned pro? For beginners, affiliates are like partners, who generate sales through their own web sites and are paid a percentage of any sales they make. I’m going to assume you are a beginner and spell out the steps for you.

What is Clickbank? It’s an affiliate network offering thousands of products to resell in exchange for a commission. If you are not yet a member of Clickbank, you’ll want to join. Click here for the simple instructions.

Why Clickbank? It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s independently managed and automated (so you don’t have to worry about anyone cheating you out of commission).

Add in your Clickbank name to this URL where the xxxxxxxx is to be replaced by your Clickbank name.

Paste that URL wherever your customers are likely to be in a buying mood. Or better yet, use some of the banner ad images below to get your visitors to click and order. Clickbank uses technology to keep track of who bought what, when they bought, and where they came from. And Clickbank even takes care of all the billing, paying, and product delivery. It’s a win for everyone.

Common Questions and Terms

How many products can do you have available for me to promote?

Right now there are six total products as part of the “Elements of Memory” brand. They are all available through Clickbank. You can earn a 75% commission on every single sale of any of these products.

  • Elements of Memory Book & Video Course (retails at $47)
  • Memory On Fire Audio Book & Transcript (retails at $37)
  • Big Bundle of All Memory Products (retails at $147)
  • Advanced Memory (retails at $17)

Who Can Join Clickbank?

Anyone over 18 years of age can join. All you need is a Clickbank account (explained above).

How Much Do I Get Paid?

We offer an amazing 75% commission rate. That means you get $0.75 for every dollar – clearly this affiliate program is one where you can earn more profit.

When Do I Get Paid?

Clickbank typically calculates commission checks every two weeks, and sends out payments if the amount due is at least $100. Since Clickbank controls and audits the money flow, please check your account with them for full details.

How Do I Know I’ll get Full Credit for Sales I Make?

Clickbank uses simple, but effective technology to track orders. They use “cookies” that register through the web browser– so they know exactly where the orders came from. They are the internet’s #1 online marketplace for digital products, and have a stellar reputation.

What about Returns?

Luckily, we don’t get many returns. But we have a 60-day unconditional guarantee. So if one of your customers cancels in that time, they will notify Clickbank who will back out the charge.

What Tools Do You Provide To Help Me?

As soon as you sign up to become an affiliate using the form in the right hand side, you will gain instant access to our Affiliate Dashboard. You will get free banners, articles, keywords, PPC ads, solo ads, graphics and even auto-responder messages you can use.

Once you sign up via the form to the right, I’ll send you even more tools to help you increase sales.

  • Sample banner and placement ad images you can use to generate sales
  • Articles you can use and re-use to establish credibility
  • Example keywords and even the ads themselves so that you can set up a pay-per-click advertising campaign with Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft
  • An email series you can embed in your auto-responder to entice people to sign up for your own newsletter and to remind them to buy
  • 10-day marketing video course that teaches mobile marketing, social media marketing and best practices for boosting profits and gaining loyal customers to resell products to

How Long Do I Have To Stay An Affiliate?

If you ever want to end your affiliate relationship with us, all you need to do is stop promoting our products. We can’t force you to stay. But if you decide to leave, we’d love to know why.

On the other hand, if it becomes clear that you are pursuing questionable business tactics, we have complete discretion to terminate your affiliate relationship in order to protect our product and our reputation.

Can I Resell Your Product In Other Ways? For Example, Can I Create My Own Product Bundle?

No, our affiliate program must pass through Clickbank. All our products are protected by our copyright, so you can’t add them to your products or distribute them in any other way without violating our rights.

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