It’s easy to improve memory if you know the (color) code

Improve Memory…Put down that donut. And listen  Improve your improve memory by eating right. It is that simple. There are many foods known for healthy brain function and improving memory, but sometimes (pardon the irony) brain foods are hard to remember fro  improve memory.

So here’s a colorful way to keep in mind some of the top brain foods when you’re at the grocery store or ordering out. Just think of your favorite colors…

Good Food Blues!

A North American native, the blueberry is ranked one of the highest antioxidant sources found in food. Antioxidants are essential to fighting the effects of free radicals caused by pollution and radiation, which damage cell structures and DNA. Studies show that cognitive function, which includes memory, can be improved with blueberry consumption.

Red Alert!

Pomegranates (more specifically in the juice form) aid in blood flow in the brain due to its high concentration of antioxidants and  improve memory. Numerous studies indicate a pomegranate’s nutrients help protect the brain from various kinds of impairment and improve memory.

In the Pink!

The pink I’m referring to is salmon pink. Salmon and other omega-3 fatty-acid-rich foods such as tuna and sardines, are important for brain-related functions as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Go Green!

Popeye was a forerunner in promoting strong bodies with spinach, but what he didn’t know was every time he popped open a can, he was  improve memory his brain health. Even better in it’s fresh state, spinach slows the aging affect on the brain with flavonoids that act as strong antioxidants.

Researchers have found that spinach in lab animals’ diets increased their motor and learning skills. They also had decreased neuro-degenerative changes as the animals aged.

Known as the “fatty fruit”, the avocado features the good (monounsaturated) fat which aids blood flow–and that contributes to a healthier brain  improve memory. Avocados reduce the risk for age-related cognitive decline because they lower blood pressure, as well, which can mean a decrease in stroke–one of the major causes of brain impairment.

Another antioxidant-rich food to improve memory is freshly brewed green tea, which features catechins, known for sharpening your mind and helping brain blood flow. Not only do catechins keep your brain in working order, they also help it to relax and thwart mental tiredness.

No-Brainer Brown!

Whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal and whole grain bread include essential fiber, vitamins and omega 3, decreasing risks for heart disease by improving circulation, thereby promoting good blood flow to the brain, which means a higher quantity and quality of the brain’s ability.

Raw or roasted nuts and seeds provide vitamin E, which helps stave off cognitive decline as you age. Vitamin E is an antioxidant so it helps reduce free-radical harm.

And it’s fat soluble, so it’s kept in the cell membrane’s fatty part, thus keeping the brain tissue’s fat molecules from becoming over stored. Vitamin E also protects your nerve cells outer and inner membrane, thus increasing the ability of your brain to transmit energy or “messages.”

Moderate amounts of dark chocolate can aid your efforts to improve memory in several ways. This rich, creamy food features strong antioxidant traits to increase blood flow to the brain. It also contains stimulants including caffeine, which strengthens concentration and focus, and produces endorphins which are known to boost your mood, and therefore help with depression  improve memory.

The New Black!

The memory boosting component of black beans is a powerful antioxidant known as anthocyanin, which targets brain function. By making blood sugar levels stable, black beans (or any color, for that matter) provide a regulated flow of energy to your brain, alleviating those highs and lows because your glucose level doesn’t rise and fall abruptly.

Improve memory while adding color to your diet
As you can see, there is a veritable rainbow of brain foods, all as colorful in flavor as they are in shade. This is by no means a complete list of the wonderful, brain-enriching foods you can eat to improve memory, but it is the most colorful!

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