5 Brain Foods For Improve Memory

Improve memory now? As we age, and begin to worry about the state of our minds, many of us seek out memory boosting “brain foods”. But with so many artificial chemicals and supplements on the market, how can you be sure you ‘re feeding your brain the food that it really needs?

Here we will take a closer look at which vitamins and minerals serve as food for the brain and are known to improve memory skills in aging men.

Improve Your Memory With Natural Brain Foods

Don’t fall prey to chemically altered supplements in order to “feed” your mind. Your brain and your memory depend upon the vitamins and minerals which can be found in naturally occurring and organic foods. So which super foods should you be buying? Here are five fantastic brain foods to get you started on your journey towards improve memory and mind power.

1. Muscles, Clams, and Oysters- Some of Nature’s Greatest Brain Foods

In addition to high-protein content and many other health benefits, muscles, clams, and oysters offer a plentiful source of vitamin B-12. According to the Mayo Clinic, a deficiency in this essential vitamin can lead to forgetfulness and memory-loss.

In these cases, a boost in vitamin B-12 intake can help boost memory by feeding your mind what it needs to thrive. B-12 can only naturally be found in animal products and it’s highest content will be found in these three shellfish. In addition, these power foods will provide your brain with iron and zinc which are also known to improve memory.

2. Fish – The Brain Food of the Sea

We’ve all heard that the fatty acids found in fish oil is good for our health, but did you also know that it makes for good food for your mind? According to Web MD, studies have shown that seniors who have ingested high quantities of fish oil over a six month period noticed nearly double the reduction in errors and forgetfulness than those taking a placebo.

It has also been shown that people who eat fatty fish are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s  On top of this, fish are another great source of vitamin B-12 with the highest content being found in Mackerel, Herring, Salmon, and Tuna.

3. Almond Milk – One Yummy Brain Food

You know that calcium is necessary to promote strong bones and ward off osteoporosis, but did you know that your calcium intake can also affect your memory? One of the effects of low calcium intake is memory loss, making it a mineral that your brain hungers for.

By combining almonds and milk, you can create a super food to charge your memory that is too yummy to resist. Almonds are rich in calcium (providing 74 mg of calcium per ounce, or approximately 22 almonds), and can easily be added to milk for an all natural supplement before bedtime.

Simply crush the almonds (without skin), and mix with milk with a pinch of raw, natural sugar for a memory boosting mind food (improve memory)!

4. Dark Greens and Beans – Brain Food Salad

It’s been found that folic acid (which is a complex B vitamin) can actually work to fight off Alzheimer’s disease. A deficiency of folic acid leads to poor cognitive performance which is why brain foods like dark, leafy greens and beans (excluding green beans) are necessary for boosting your memory and brain power.

You can tell your friends that these fibrous and vitamin-rich super foods are good for more than just improving digestive functions – they also serve as powerful brain foods. By mixing beans and lentils with dark, leafy greens you can create a memory charging salad with high concentrations of folic acid and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Though raw greens like spinich provide a high folic acid content (58 micrograms of folate), some individuals prefer to cook the leaves in order to draw out the folate. In fact, by lightly cooking the greens, you can increase your folate intake by up to 280 micrograms.

Adding a cup of black beans to the mix will add another 180 micrograms of the brain foods and iron – another of nature’s great brain foods! You can whip up quite the tasty salad with other vegetables rich in folic acid such as kale, asparagus, and broccoli.

5. Chicken Stir-Fry – A Meal Full of Brain Foods

Get it all in one meal. By pairing B-12 rich chicken with the folate of veggies like broccoli, you’ll have a winning combination. Plus you can incorporate brown rice – another great memory food. Loaded with magnesium which promotes memory function, brown rice and other whole grains are the ideal way to tie off any meal with powerful brain foods.

Take action to boost your mind today. Which of these brain foods will you try first?

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